About PalletWatch Command 

Smart Pallet Control Software with PalletWatch

PalletWatch is an advanced equipment control system designed for the Australian market. Since 2010 we have helped companies of all sizes from large national companies to single site small businesses.

We have developed the latest technology. PalletWatch software are on high powered servers in a secure data centre in Sydney.  When we started the development of PalletWatch there was very little competition in the pallet control software market.


There were the CHEP and Loscam systems but very few third party systems that could manage CHEP and Loscam equipment. We decided to bring an application to the market that would be affordable for even the smallest of companies and all the functionality you need to help manage your pallets and other like equipment..


We placed a high emphasis on the speed of PalletWatch. It is now at virtually desktop speed. We also wanted to minimise the workload for the pallet controller. We automated imports and exports to CHEP and Loscam as well as having highly automated reconciliation functionality.  We wanted to design an equipment managed system that pallet controllers would want to use. We believe we have achieved this.


PalletWatch is a secure online pallet control system suitable for companies of all sizes throughout Australia.

Automatic import and export to CHEP and Loscam. Our live real-time online software can be up an running within 24 hours.

Low Annual Fee, Free Setup, Free Training, Free Upgrades, Unlimited Users

Our Mission

To provide companies in Australia with a value for money equipment control system which will help them better manage their hired or own equipment so that they minimise the risk of equipment losses.


Our Vision

To be the best so that pallet controllers recommend us to others and company owners and finance people love us.

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