Frequently Asked Questions

If I use PalletWatch do I need to use the CHEP and Loscam systems?

No. All you need is PalletWatch.

Is it easy to change from another system?

Yes! We do it all for you and it can be done within a day.

Is PalletWatch reliable?

Yes! It is hosted in a secure data centre in Sydney and has an automatic restart facility which kicks in within 2 minutes. Our customers would say that it is very reliable.

Is it easy to use?

It is so easy to use that training for entering dockets takes about 5 minutes on the phone. It is highly automated so you don't need to worry about delay days, etc.

Is it fast?

It is very fast - quicker than any system we have come across. Your internet speed can impact on respnse times but generally we have had no complaints about speed.