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PalletWatch Command Software


Data Entry

Key in all your dockets in and out.  Trading partners and delay days are all set up for you.  It is so easy that users get up to speed after a couple of dockets. 

Automated Export/Import

PalletWatch exports and imports automatically with CHEP and Loscam.  Daily imports from CHEP lets you reconcile daily.

Automated Emails

Automated emails for corrections/rejections are emailed to CHEP and Loscam.  You can also send a copy to your trading partners.

PalletWatch uses a single database which means that if you need to contact a trading partner then it is likely that we will have their contact details.

Another really neat piece of functionality is that you can send and receive emails from within PalletWatch.  That way all emails relating to a docket are linked to the docket.

IOU Tracking

Pallet IOUs can get out of hand if they are not tightly controlled.  PalletWatch can track your IOUs and send automatic emails to your trading partners.  A weekly IOU report to a trading partner can help keep everyone on the same page and avoid disputes about how many pallets are owed.

Automated Reconciliation

Immediate automatic reconciliation once an import file is received.  Enter your stocktake and you can print out a report showing whether you have a gain or loss.

CHEP can send daily import files to PalletWatch so that you can reconcile daily if you wish.  This is a great feature as it means that by the end of the month you will have a lot less to do.  Loscam files can only be sent to PalletWatch monthly.

One of the great things about PalletWatch is that all imports and invoice reconciliation are automatic.  You only have to reconcile the exceptions.

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