CHEP Suspend/Reject Emails - unable to process this movement

When CHEP are unable to process a docket they will send an email to the contact they have for the sending account. This will normally be sent the day after CHEP receive notification of the transfer.

The email will have Suspend/Reject Dkts in the subject line and will have an error Docket Excel file attached. There can be a number of different reasons why CHEP cannot process a docket. The reason appears in the Error column of the Excel file. One of the reasons is:

"CHEP are unable to process this movement to the account xxxxxxxxxx which you have attempted to transfer to".

The most likely reason is that the account has been placed on hold by CHEP. You should take immediate action by contacting your trading partner and clarifying their position. It may be that you stop raising any further transfers to them and act on a strict exchange only policy where you get empty pallets in exchange for the ones you drop off. You may also seek to pick up pallets which have failed to transfer.

In some cases the account will be quickly released from hold and presents you with no problems but in other cases it can be more serious and your transfers may never get processed and thus you could incur pallet losses.

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