How to decide which pallet control system is best for you

Some things to consider when selecting a pallet control system.

selecting a pallet control system
What pallet control system is best for you

The pallet control system you select can depend on a few factors.

  1. Do you have CHEP and Loscam equipment? If you have CHEP and Loscam equipment then you either have to use two systems, MYCHEP and Loscam Online, or a system that can handle both as PalletWatch and some others do.

  2. Do you have multiple accounts? If you have multiple accounts then you either have to use multiple Microsoft Access databases or a single SQL database. A system which uses a SQL database is the best option as you can use contact information across the accounts and it is easier for a national pallet manager to monitor or reconcile.

  3. Consider the reconciliation functionality. Pallet control systems have different capabilities. Reconciliation is critical to managing your pallet accounts. If the functionality is not there then you should look elsewhere.

  4. Do you have high volumes? If you have high volumes and and a large number of users then speed is important. When evaluating systems have a look at the response times. The following link explains why SQL is a better option for high volumes than a system that uses Microsoft Access.

Speed and reliability are key requirements for a pallet control system. Good reconciliation functionality is a must.

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